funnels, funnelling, funnelled
(in AM, use funneling, funneled)
1) N-COUNT A funnel is an object with a wide, circular top and a narrow short tube at the bottom. Funnels are used to pour liquids into containers which have a small opening, for example bottles.
2) N-COUNT A funnel is a metal chimney on a ship or railway engine powered by steam.

...a merchantman with three masts and two funnels.

3) N-COUNT You can describe as a funnel something that is narrow, or narrow at one end, through which a substance flows and is directed.

These fires create convection funnels, and throw a lot of particles into the upper atmosphere.

4) V-ERG If something funnels somewhere or is funnelled there, it is directed through a narrow space.

[V adv/prep] The winds came from the north, across the plains, funnelling down the valley...

[be V-ed adv/prep] High tides in the North Sea were funnelled down into the English Channel by a storm. [Also V n adv/prep]

5) VERB If you funnel money, goods, or information from one place or group to another, you cause it to be sent there as it becomes available.

[V n prep/adv] Its Global Programme on AIDS funnelled money from donors to governments...

[V n prep/adv] He secretly funnelled credit-card information to counterfeiters.


English dictionary. 2008.

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